pic: TechFire 225 presents SpitFire

TechFire 225 presents SpitFire for 2018 Power Up

Looking good! Excited to see this next week.

Three stage elevator with robot length pivoting arm? I’m assuming elevator is set to 55" max, which means this could be one of the tallest max height robots around this year.

No wings? :stuck_out_tongue:

But really guys, another quality robot. Can’t wait to see you at SCH, hopefully, we actually get to play together in a match this year.

Digging the rear wheel on the intake.

Absolutely love the robot! Do you guys have any partner lifting mechanisms? Can’t wait to see you in Alexandria this weekend!

Another great looking robot. Can’t wait to see it in action.

I second this, you guys’ll definitely have the one-up when it comes to stacking multiple power cubes. I see some one-sided possession in the future!

Actually, may I ask what that back compliance wheel is for?

I imagine it is to ensure that the power cube cannot get stuck in a diagonal position, instead rolling off the wheel to either side.

After many iterations our students found putting a free spinning wheel back there improved cube intake regardless of orientation.

Good Luck TechFire 225. I’ve seen their practice Bot in action and it is quite impressive. They have been very gracious hosts, allowing us to practice with them at their practice field in York. Good Luck and can’t wait to compete with you at Springside Chestnut Hill.

This robot has been so beautiful in competition. Good luck at Mar Champs!