pic: TechHOUNDS Inventor Submission

This is the final product of what I’ve been working on! I hope you guys like it!

WOW, very clean and nice render. How long did that take? Loving the Pneumatic tubing.

Very nice job
Good luck in the competition…
Nice work already at the Buckeye!!

I’d love to see a view of your electronics. Looks great!

thanks for the positive feedback everybody!!! I don’t know how long it took me, but what I do know is that it took a lot less time than last year, with how simple our design is and all!:slight_smile:

That is beautiful. Great job!
I agree on the simple design part. This year’s robot was effortless to make in Inventor. It was a nice change.
Good luck with the Inventor Award and see you at Boilermaker!

did you guys do chain? if so did you use the inventor design accelerator? my team did both design and individual chain parts. unfortunately there would be too much chain on the chassis to load the file on almost any computer. (we tried on our $7,000 custom built comp. and it crashed the second we tried to even move the chain) we also gave up on the wiring because of the hassle and I tried to do it and it just gave me a line. even on ridiculous gage thicknesses.

I decided not to do any chain this year but i did do some wiring. It is nowhere near the complete wiring but i guess it would be good enough to get by. It is all very accurate to our robot because i was also in a major part in making the robot itself.

:slight_smile: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/images/smilies/smile.gifthat robot is awsome

The thumbnail looks like a real picture. You have a great chance at top 5!
Great job.

After seeing that, I must say, it was an honor losing to you guys in the semifinals at buckeye. We really tried to pin your bot in the second match, but to no avail. That’s an impressive drawing.

Looks pretty beautiful, I must say. Its been a while since I’ve looked at these, but this is a wonderful start to begin looking at them again. Setting the bar high for me now :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude. Awesome.

That’s all. :smiley:

You’re missing all the little ball grabby thingies on the rollers! LOL, your machine was the one we were scared of in the elims at Buckeye, awesome job. Outside of the two matches where you guys had tech issues, you were on top!