pic: Technokat and WBI Group Photo.


During a visit by team 45 to team 461 during the offseason of the 2001-2002 season. I spotlighted a few people that i could spot from our team and from 45 that post on here. I’m sure people can spot more.

Note that at the time of this picture Molly was still a Technokat, and hadn’t yet moved to our team!

Silly Jtosh, of course I can spot others! :wink: How could you have left out Ross??

Ohh I was just doing the ones that people would know who would see this on here.

I could do a few of the other technokats and i could do all of the WBI kids…but who cares:)

Ok, that’s an interesting picture. Yep, I’m the one on the far left. If I remember right this was one of those cool college tours your team gave us and this picture was taken in one of the college buildings after we ate…(am I right?). Looks like most of the people along the back row are from 45.

pssss…you spelled Molly wrong.

Rofl… yah i just noticed that. It was first hour when i did this…still half asleep. Its hard to even tell its her…except you can see the grin on her face.

If i rember correctly this was in Lilly Hall, i think thats its name, its the BIO building…atleast i think thats where we did it but i could be wrong. I have more pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them. I just love how insane my hair looked back then, it was all mad scientist like sticking out in all directions and green and stuff…

Istead of being green, sticking in one direction, and only having a small strip of it going down the middle of my head.

You know who I am having the hardest time finding?

ME! :open_mouth:

Yeah, I had a soccer game in um somewhere that night :stuck_out_tongue:

First, Chris Noble still has his mustasche in that picture… ew…


and third… which Gilbert is that?!

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**and third… which Gilbert is that?! **

I’m the one on the left with the black text! :smiley:

Look how the glow coming from the exit sign matches my hair.