pic: Technokat Ball-Drive (Bridge Balance)

ball drive balancing on 2012 bridge

Is there any video of this bad boy driving?

This is a (sideways) video of the robot in action today

Ps it’s a little loud. Darn drill motors.

Are the balls motored or do they just rotate freely? I couldn’t make it out of the video.

The balls are powered by the forward backward (drill) motors and the side to side (cim) motors

Always great when teams keep a 10-year-old robot running. Love the video!

Thanks for delivering upon my request, Peyton!

Awesome to see this in action.

I always enjoy a video of a vintage robot in operation !

Congrats for storing that robot for years and keeping in functional.
Also good to see the IFI control system still works like a champ !

When I saw this robot in person for the first time it was a really inspiring moment for me. One that has stuck with me for a long time, and I’m sure will continue to.

Thanks for sharing!


One of my favorite concept robots of all time. Great to see it’s still alive and kicking!