pic: Technokat Ball-Drive (Slam Dunk)

Ball drive slam dunking

I dont quite get if the ball is framed on the arm or their is some super secret suction valve.

It utilizes magnets and AndyMark FairyDust (secret item only for sale to Team 45) to keep the ball there.

All [strike]it’s the truth I swear![/strike] joking aside, it looks like the ball was just placed there for the picture

Hahahaha great looks like im going to have to create a robot to infiltrate team 45’s work place and steal some of the fairy dust.

The ball was placed on the manipulator but we do have something similar to the Inventor glue in autodesk’s CAD suite…though we call it snot glue and most of the team hates it :slight_smile:

Impossible! When the ball drive was first shown to the world, AndyMark was a hair under 18 months from being mentioned to ChiefDelphi.

Snot and glue are four-letter words.

It’s a good way to stick things together that aren’t supposed to come apart. Unfortunately, almost everything I’ve seen it used on ends up having to come apart for maintenance or rework sooner or later. I also do not understand why I keep finding it on the control system components.

They didn’t sell it to 45 until after AM was formed. The dust was given to them to latch the ball onto the manipulator here, in 2012, not back when the bot was made. Everyone knows that, silly.