pic: TechnoKat High School Wall FINALLY UPDATED!

“After 12 years of Kokomo High School being in FIRST, it’s about time that we have gotten some recognition within the school. Thanks to fellow TechnoKats Chris Byam (teacher) and Amy Przybylinski (Delphi engineer) for their effort and artistic talent. Maybe this will help us recruit more students on the team next year”
That was 5 years ago, and sadly to say, it never changed, at least until today!!! Here is what it looks like updated, we aren’t finished updating it as we still have to replace the original letters that have been torn and ripped down, but the new column on the right sure makes us proud to know that our school supports us (because they paid for it). Thanks to Mr. Haberfield (teacher)for pursuing getting this updated and to those who stayed after school today to add the new letters to the wall.

That’s really cool! A great way to display all your awards without taking up a lot of room.

Just be careful not to be too successful… or you may run out of wall :cool:

Well my hopes are to finish the second column off by the end of this season. Plus if you look at the original picture of the wall, you can see that there is room for a third column, that plus the same size space on the other side of the Kat! :smiley:

That would be a good problem to have…and who better to problem solve. :slight_smile:
Very cool, TechnoKats.

So, through my 4 years of being there, they never updated it, but now that I’m gone they did…:(…oh well. Now that Tkats can live up to their name in the school.

True they never updated it when you were there, but it represents all of the hard work from past years all the way from the start of the TechnoKats.

Your wall looks incomplete. I swear you folks have a lot more awards based on your success all of these years. :stuck_out_tongue:


…But where’s the spinning AndyMark logo?


Thats awesome, I wish we had one.

That is pretty kewl :stuck_out_tongue:

Is that the norm at that school? To have a wall instead of a trophy case.


They have both.

No and No. Most every team at our high school (Including the Band and Guard) have both. As far as the high school goes, we only have a wall. Our Trophy Case is located in our shop. Our Trophies only live in the school office for a month or two after we win them, that’s all.