pic: TechnoKat Teaser #1

What could Kyle’s mind be cooking up with this thing?!?

Wow, that’s an absurdly large tube! We’re talking about 7" balls right?!

I’m a programmer, so I may be off base here, but why would you ever need a roller that big to (presumably) pick up such small balls? Aren’t you only increasing the mass of the cylinder you’ll have to spin up… and keep under the weight limit?

We’re currently planning on two much smaller rollers… is there something we’re missing?

Or perhaps this will be mounted in the center of a fixed radius curve… and you need the surface area… but man, that’s still huge.

Not really, 45 (I assume) is not gonna shoot one ball at a time…i believe with a big roller you can get more balls to shoot out, thus scoring faster. pretty ingenious

Personally, I’m rather disappointed. Where is El Jorge? :yikes:

Well lets see…

The chain is coming from the bottom. This either signifies this mechanism will be mounted high, or on its side. The big roller extends past the frame that holds it, so I doubt this will be mounted in the “on its side” position.

So, I am assuming this will not be a ball gatherer, as Team 45 has shown a particular skill for doing in the past.

Shoot away, boys.

The chain may be coming from the bottom in the picture, but I believe that it is not in the orientation is will be in whne on the robot. I believe that it is in the current orientation to make it easier to work on certain parts of it.


I see it.


I’m excited to see this first teaser and I’m really hoping that there are many more to come. Can I give myself credit for starting the Technokat teasers with this horrible photoshopped picture from 2002 ? What was I thinking when I made that…

The only problem with this is that it makes it way harder to aim, as you’re trying to fit more balls into the same sized hole. In addition, it’s probably very likely that if you were shooting multiple balls at once, they’d hit each other in flight, or as they came out of the shooter.

Looks like a pickup device to me.

Either pickup or even a spitting device to roll the one pointers in.

Maybe not, if you are only 10" away from the big hole?

I’ll eat portions of my hat if that’s a shooter!

I hope you’re hungry :wink:

I say the side pieces clamped on with c-clamps are adjustable to experiment with different trajectories and/or amount of squeeze. This type of launcher would work perfectly to “lob” balls into the center goal while sitting on the platform, or perhaps right in front of it.


a video, for your viewing pleasure

(and start eating, it’s a shooter)

It’s a ball scatterer for putting balls into play on the floor. (If a few go into the goal, it’s no big deal. ;))

Well done! I must say Kyle, I like it alot! Perhaps a :ahh: 447 :ahh: teaser coming soon?

I’m glad to see the T-Kats will be using my original strategy this year.



Looking great guys, is that 4 balls at once?

So on a completely unrelated note, I am definitley in need of a video tour of your shop, that place is huge. Like RhodeWarriors huge. That’s crazy.

Well good luck, doesn’t look like you need it though. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hmmm…some say we aim for the stars…or is it…we aim for the bottom of a canyon? Man, I confused myself…with my own teaser!