pic: TechnoKats 2007 OI

This is the TechnoKats 2007 OI as it folds into our Rocking Amp!

Yowa - what happened to the OI from previous years?

Not to say that this doesn’t tie into the “Back in Black” theme beautifully…

Under the software table :rolleyes:


What do the two E-stop buttons do?
Do they both disable the system, each does a separate part, or they’re not being used as E-stops at all?

Both are clearly labeled, and are readable if you view the image at full size.

We built competition port control into the Operator Console this year. That way we don’t need to worry about losing a separate dongle during practice. The big red button with the yellow base is wired to the disable pin, and there’s an autonomous enable switch next to it.