pic: TechnoKats 2009 Teaser

Here is a glamor shot of Jake Blues.

Pwnmatic dumper, yes?

I sees yellow tubing.

I see a powered axle of some form. Dunno what it’s for, though.

see the big fan in the background, coincidence?

For some, this is the second teaser. :]

…Ok, im stumped…:confused:

I’ve seen this bot in action and I can say it blows :rolleyes:

Saw it this past weekend. Really “cool” bot with a really “cool” idea.

Jake Blues…

Back in Black theme 07, Blues Brothers theme this year?

Personally I’m more interested in that than a small teaser pic :stuck_out_tongue: I expect to see fedoras and tinted goggles behind the driver station!

Big Ole Fan = Real Teaser

Won’t it be hard to drive with tint? Still, that would look really cool.

I don’t believe tinted safety glasses are allowed, let alone black glasses…

Some tints are allowed. Section 3.3.3 allows rose, blue, and amber tints, but disallows all other tints/shades.

I personally wear a blue tint, and have never had a problem.

Hmmm, could this blog entry contain a picture of the TechnoKats robot.

We’re on a mission from Dean. :smiley:

Just thought I would clear some stuff up since our robot is out in the open now. We do not use pneumatics. The tubes are purely ducting for our electronics.

Do you mind posting a pic or a link to it?

http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showthread.php?t=75305 :cool: