pic: TechnoKats 45

Kats Klaw vs. The Spool

Beautiful bot, as always.

Dear Katsklaw,
Say, you’re kinda cute! You can play on my alliance ANYTIME…

(229 - 2004 Robot)

In all seriousness… looks awesome kats! I’m really impressed. I can only imagine some of the hidden features you have in store for us this season!

Awesome job… Us 229ers are all impressed, and of course… inspired.

PS - Cmon Joe… Technokittens posted, let’s see some of CD!

Awesome looking robot. Can’t wait to see all of the ‘intricate features’.

When the picture loaded, I had my IE window small, and the picture is rather large, so all I saw was a corner of the huge spool, and I said to myself “Oh my God, that is a big wheel.”

Awesome robot guys! Too bad I wasn’t on the team this year, because I really like this robot :frowning: It looks great completely finished. (Considering the last time i saw it, it was all metal).


awesome bot… do i have to hear from one of their engineers again this year “108… you guys are tough…”

i think what intrests me the most about your bot is the drill motor and gearbox mounted on your arm…i guess that means there is another new tecknocats drive train…great job guys i look forward to seeing what you can do this year

another thing…is that netting for catching the balls?..wow

I am curious about ALL OF THE COOL TECHNOCAT FEATURES! like the awesome arm!!! and the lexan covered drive train!!!

Really, great bot, I am just curious to stuff as always.

Good observations…

This year we are using the CIM & Fisher Price motors for the drive train. The two drill motors are used on the arm and on another feature of the robot…

Actually, that “netting” is an umbrella to keep the robot dry in the event of a rainstorm during competition. :wink:

looks awsome… by chance do you have a better pic from the face of the roller side?

edit are those poles for when the balls drop to catch balls and the roller to spit them out!?! or vis versa to suck them in and back out!?! =X*

Check the picture galleries section, you’ll see one in there…

Maybe :slight_smile:

Yeah, so maybe it’s not just an umbrella :rolleyes:

I thought FIRST was trying to make this years game sooo involved that one robot could not do everything, and therefore the need for specialized robots and partners arises. You 45’ers managed to do it all, really, ALL. It looks like an amazing machine. My compliments, on a job well done. Amazing me every year by “raising the bar”

All- Thanks for your encouraging comments. I am really happy with the way that this robot turned out and I am looking forward to meeting you all in competition or as alliance partners! This is going to be a great season! :smiley:

Awesome job as always guys, can’t wait to see you at MR.

How do you stretch out? And do you go all 8 feet? also how many balls do you catch? Last, how do you knock off the bonus ball.

Once again guys, great job, the arm looks sweet, and I can’t wait to see you guys in action.

  1. Pneumatics
  2. We go all 10 feet
  3. 0-18
  4. that gate in the front of the 'bot flips down…pneumatically actuated…or we could possibly use the arm

Amazing bot, guys. Too bad we won’t be at any regionals together, I think your bot and ours on an alliance could really do some SERIOUS damage! Nationals, perhaps?

We had the same design for a claw originally, but we scrapped it because it would have put us overweight.

I understand he’s working on a picture, but how about Wildstang?! I want to see what the reigning champs have in store for us this year!

Now here is the true question…does the sail funnel the balls direct from the troft to the human player station?

Great looking robot guys, hope we get to face off with/against you at nationals!

-Andy Grady

Thanks, Andy. Good question, but no. We tried that, but it got too crazy. The “sail funnel” just directs the balls into our belly.

Andy B.