pic: TechnoKats Drive Team minus HP

TechnoKats Drive Team (Our HP was eating)
Left- Andy Baker “Penguin” Commander (coach)
Center- Steven Zehner Pilot (driver)
Right- Eric Schnabel Pilot (operator)

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Where does someone get a habit anyway??

I’m sure that there are plenty of places on the Internet to get a habit :wink:

So at the end of a long day of competition, Andy might have a dirty habit.

There are some things I’ll just never understand. One of them is Andy Baker.

But no filthy mouths…and certainly no bad attitudes (the ruler needs to be longer, though).

(with fan engaged obviously) “They’re not gonna catch us - we’re on a mission from God…er…Dave Lavery.”

“It’s 135 seconds to the end of the match, we’ve got a fully charged battery, a half operable Driver Station, it’s dark…because we’re wearing illegally-tinted safety glasses. Hit it.” :cool:

Andy Baker in a habit? This is confusing, disturbing, and hilarious all wrapped up into one. That’s a bad habit to be picking up. I hope he can kick the habit.

insert other habit puns

Ah man, this is killing me.
I just took a vow not to make any more nun jokes.

Brother, have I got the blues.

One set of jaguars, broken. One unused CIM motor.
One leaking. One black suit jacket, one pair black suit pants. One hat
black. One pair of sunglasses. $45.00. Sign here.

Steve: Oh no.
Eric: What the heck was that?
Steve: The CIM. We’ve thrown a chain.
Eric: Is that serious?
Steve: Yup.

We know the sunglasses are illegal and wear clear ones until someone want a picture or they announce us before we drive. We quickly switch them though. And its a mission from Dean:cool:

Cannot wait to see you guys at Purdue!!!

You guys resemble the Robot Mafia Team

Andy Baker as a nun…I’m speechless. Maybe I will think of something by the time I get to see this in Atlanta!

Favorite drive team outfits so far this year…or maybe ever

I can has a nun as Coach too? =P

That’s gotta be sweet though, to have Baker as a coach… I wonder if he’s for hire…

“Four fried Jaguars and some smoke”

OK, I’m done now.

So at Boilermaker, can Raul dress up as Carrie Fisher if and when 111 faces 45? Just a thought…

When I saw Andy in the nun’s habit at the DC Regional, there was only one thought going through my head…

… thank goodness he didn’t dress up as Twiggy.




How about… “two dry white regolith panels?” Or if you’re on blue alliance… “DO YOU SEE THE LIGHT!” Yeah I’ll stop… all the good puns have been taken. Although I just had an image flash through my mind of Andy Baker standing behind his drive team beating them with the ruler maniacally to get them to do what he wants… “dude it won’t turn left” SMACK “what did you say?” “I said it won’t turn left!” SMACK

This has gotta be the one drive team I am most looking forward to seeing this year… best theme for a team ever.

“But baby, my robot broke down. There was a static storm. I had to reimage my driver’s station…”

Actually we are on a mission from Dean. :smiley:

Also we have Carrie Fisher ready for Boiler Maker. :yikes:

…its not very funny when it actually happens…:frowning:

LOL that is really funny!