pic: TechnoKats Drive Team minus HP

I expect to see some high quality chase sequences from you guys. I’ll be watching…

OK… I need to chime in here. I will tell you, I was not happy about doing this, initially.

Going in to the regional, I looked at it as “penance” for the crappy mentoring that I did for the TechnoKats this year. The students planned this whole Blues Brothers thing last fall, and they are all over it.

After kickoff, I showed up to the TechnoKat shop a grand total of 3 times during the first 3 weeks. Students would call over to AndyMark and I was just too busy to be at the shop as a mentor. Eric Schnabel would come in to the office (he works part time) and give me updates, and see how busy we were. One day, he mentioned that the students wanted me to dress up as “the penguin” at the regionals, since I agreed to get back in as the drive team coach. I laughed and said “sure”.

About a week before DC, Amy P (marketing lead mentor) and Jessica (student marketing lead) told me that I must dress up as something since I am on the drive team. I looked around for a black Fedora hat, but could not find a cheap one. One day, I found myself at the local party supply and costume store, and asked about a Blues Brothers outfit or a Nun outfit. They were out of the Blues Brothers outfit, and all they had was “Sister Sara” (they actually had 5 versions… what’s up with that?). So, I rent the darn thing ($20) and pack it for DC.

Thursday and Friday, Sister Sara stayed on the hanger. People keep bugging me about what I am gonna wear. A few people found out, but most of the team did not know (I think). Saturday morning, everyone gets a laugh at the hotel with me as a nun. It was also cool to see Nathan as a sherrif and Steven and Eric as Jake and Elwood. The rest of the crew donned their hats and shades and we head to the city.

The thing that REALLY surprised me was that the drive team remained cool and loose all day long. We had some pressure, as we had a chance (and eventually got) to be #1 seed. I think that the Sister Sara costume had a little bit to do with keeping the guys loose. They didn’t stress out at all. I found myself pointing with the ruler, and hiking up my gown as we loaded the robot on and off the field. Jake and Elwood (Steven and Eric) had MANY fans as drivers… I had to get out of the way many times as nice ladies wanted their pictures taken with the guys.

It was alot of fun. I will definitely play the part of a fool if it helps get a calm and cool drive team.

Team themes are fun. They take some work, but they loosen up the whole team and get people through tough times. Kudos to Jessica and Amy for leading this effort on the TechnoKats.

Andy B.

I thought about it, but then decided that crashing through peoples pits with a little plastic cop car designed for a 6 year old would violate a rule…so i decided to keep it on the field…ill try not to break a robot :stuck_out_tongue:

Andy, please show up to the SD regional like this. PLEASE.

That was the best - a bunch of us were looking at the webcast and just had double -takes and were trying to see if it really was Andy for a second. The themes really take the cake… or white toast. Excellent way to keep things extra fun!

I really don’t get what is so nunny.:rolleyes:

There my nun pun is over, now back to the blues.:cool:

“What’s that?”

“Burned up an FP.”

“Is that bad?”


I’m just waiting for this un-convent-ional picture to be featured in the Unofficial Caption Contest. My over/under is 4 weeks. Until then, I’ll get myself to a punnery.

From twelve years of Catholic school here is my worst nightmare!

glasses need to be darker their to relfective

It was awesome to finally meet Andy at DC, sadly I had to explain the costume to a number of our younger team members who have never seen “the movie.”

funny story…while we were making sure the robot worked, tape magically was covering a fp motor’s air duct (wont mention any names), and…well… it fried… lol

If he does, watch out for the rocket launcher.