pic: Technokats in the Gen Con Program

Here's an excerpt out of the programs that were given out to everyone at Gen Con.

Thats some good PR to be in the printed guide, especially in color. Personally I am more interested in the Segway challenge, If someone from FIRST doesn’t win that I will be deeply upset. :smiley:

It was pretty cool, they had an obstacle course set up and whoever did it the fastest won. However, you had to pay six dollars to try it once, so not many people were doing it.

It was the first time I have ever seen a weight limit at a Segway demonstration!

Well i would imagine that since this was public that they were following segway’s printed specs to the letter. This was 1) so not to break their units, and 2) to give an accurate betral of the segway specifications.

Ha, I have on of those programs sitting right by me, but never thought we would have pics in it. That is frikken awesome!

It was more to do with the size of some of the participants at GENCON. I am not a small fella but these some of these guys need to get away from their games and exercise a little.

I am sure it has more to do with liability concerns than anything else (those *%@!&%$& lawyers!!). Since Segway LLC has published weight limits it would not be wise to exceed those in a public demonstration. Us owners know that the machines can easily handle WAY more than the published limits.

On a side note … I was downtown for a business dinner on Thursday evening and saw some of those “freaks”. Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to go to the show - I might have tried my hand at the Segway challenge … :wink:

You would have been a ringer!

They were the ones with the big off-road tires.