pic: TechnoKats Kyle Love and Nick Bailey, ready for a match

For some strange reason, Kyle Love decided to bust out the Hawaii 5-0 surfing pose right before a match. I believe we won that match, with teams 703 and 1712.

Haha, I do the exact same thing during autonomous every match, partially because I’m worried our alliance partners will step over the line early, and partly because I’m worried I will. The horn sound to end auto, then bell sound to start human control really confused me this year. Wasn’t it just a bell sound last year or something? It took me a regional or two, and a bit of coach restraint to get the hang of it :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s good to see that Love has learned that you can never be too safe;)

Kyle, “Not yet. you need to wait for the end of autonomous mode.”

Chuck, “Forget that. Do you see the same cheeseburger I see?”

703 Driver, “HEY!!! Save us some fries at least!”


Let’s save the caption contest answers incase Billfred decides to make it a caption contest.


Well I do have to say, that was one TASTY cheesburger…:stuck_out_tongue:

The funny part is that we do this every year now…guess I’m proud to carry on the tradition.

instead of this … we just yell it out to everyone on the alliance and make sure they remember :slight_smile:

This is a pretty cool pic, and it is neat to know what these young gentlemen are doing now.

Chuck Glick (FRC team 1712 on the left) is now a mentor on FRC 321 and Vex 169. Chuck was awarded the mentor of the year at the Vex World Championships, along with his teammate, Andrew Adaman.

Kyle Love is graduating from Purdue this week with a degree in Technology Education. Kyle has accepted a job to teach at Jay County schools, where he will be involved with teams FRC 3301 and Vex 1193.

Nick Bailey is studying engineering at Miami of Ohio, and is enrolled in the Naval ROTC program. Nick will be a senior next year. Between studying and serving his country, Nick works part time in the summers at AndyMark, Inc.

I’m a very lucky man to know all three of these gentlemen and consider them to be friends.

Andy B.