pic: TechnoKats Power Rangers (Minus Andy Baker)

Well, this is the Thursday TechnoKat costume for the Superhero to Supernerd theme. We are missing Andy Baker due to his involvement at the Inspection Booth. Unfortunately, we never got a picture with all 6 power rangers.

Was he the white or green ranger?

I am guessing green becuse the white ranger costume is different from everyone elses

Andy was the green ranger on Thursday.

Pics or it didn’t happen. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit/ delete.

I remember of laughing at the red guy on the elevator thursday. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t waste a picture for Power Rangers even if it was Andy Baker! :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone on the Techno Kats can confirm it, but whenever they came onto the field Andy was wearing a green Power Ranger shirt. :slight_smile:

What? Not the whole getup? How very disappointing. I expected more given his habit :rolleyes: of going “full-nun” in the past.

So I’m guessing the robot was the Megazord?

He might have, I just only saw they green Power Ranger shirt.

He was in the whole green Power Ranger outfit. I saw him in a photo and he looked very green and very powerful. But, I liked his nerdy glasses on Saturday better.

Edit: And from the looks of it, the Power Ranger outfits look like they were custom-made and that makes them even more cool.


Correct, they were custom made from clothing bought at goodwill. You can tell they were homemade because we messed up the pattern on the back… shh

On Friday, I saw Andy (wearing a striking green Power Ranger outfit) in the tunnel rushing towards the field. He asked me to tell the three Power Rangers somewhere behind him to “get their butts to the field!” Of course, I complied with Andy’s request. :smiley:

I was totally wearing a power rangers Tshirt under my team shirt that day, I kind of wanted to show it off, but It would’ve striked as weird.

I have to give it to the technokats, I’m jealous of there costumes. I wish my team would do that haha.

I’m definitely the red guy!

And whoever wanted proof on andy baker being a power ranger:

You might’ve also seen the power rangers attacking things…

Sorry for using imgur, it’s the fastest way to do this…

I remember seeing these guys going through team queuing several times. It took me a few trips to realize who they were and it was confirmed when I saw Andy Baker come through the gates dressed the same way.

It was fun being the green Power Ranger, even if it was for one day. I admire the TechnoKat student leaders for their willingness to take this on and have some fun. Thank you for including me.

During the day on Thursday, I had to change costumes a few times, being “Andy the inspector”, to “Andy the green power ranger drive coach”, to “Andy the President of AndyMark, meeting with companies”. I am sure some people in the guys’ bathroom were wondering what I was up to.

Andy B.

You should have your own telephone booth. :smiley:


Alas that was when we, the drive team, fell asleep in the lobby and was running late to the field for a match. Note to self…don’t sit down in comfy chairs when tired.