pic: TechnoKats Sergeant Peppers Team Picture

How many FIRST icons do you spy?

I see the haunting, decapitated head of Dave Lavery!

Nick…you’re insane.

I see a Klingon - Mike Anderson, I presume?

As a really big beatles fan, i really love this picture!

How can you Photoshop Dave without adding a pimp suit?

Woodie Flowers is in there too.:smiley:

Seems to me there’s a lead vocalist “Rock Star” in there too from the group Dean Simmons and the Kamens…who could that be…:confused:

Maybe my eyes are just foolin me…

I always knew there was something not quite right about the TechnoKats, now I have this picture to prove it. :stuck_out_tongue: I bet Andy is just counting down the day’s until normalcy, aka: kyle leaving, resumes.

oh wow.

Look close. Dean is the statue in the front.

I know this because I put him there :slight_smile:

i thought so

The sad thing is every time I look at this, I start singing real loud…my dog is not happy.

I see a rack star!

wow…crazy pic