pic: TechTigers Going Up

Photo courtesy Andrew Rudolph, Team 1902.

What kind of treads are they do you know?

I want to say they are Brecoflex (someone from 1251 please correct me if I am wrong). That is one sweet looking robot.

Dang, that thing looks nicer in person than in the CAD.:smiley:

Good luck in your division 1251!

I really love the sleek machined design on the side plates! A perfect way to save weight and look pretty!
Good luck at Championships!

Arefin is correct - they are custom treads from Brecoflex.

Im glad to see that you guys used treads too. We found they worked great for traction how did you like them?

I think your team name says it all - Brute Force!

In all seriousness though, there wasn’t a machine at Florida that could move us while we were in low gear.

I wonder how many teams went with treads. I’m suprise on the different kind of treads teams use. This was our first use treads and the team went with snowmoible treads.