pic: Tempest n Tampa 2008 Winning Alliance

Winners of this years Tempest n Tampa. FRC 744 Shark Attack, FRC 233 The Pink Team, FRC 1999 Outer Limit.


The Pink team never ceases to amaze me; congrats to 233, 744, 1999 for winning Tempest n Tampa. Any vids of this one, anyone???

Congrats to 233, 744 and 1999. Awesome alliance.

We had a lot of fun competing against you all in the semis.

man we were so close funny though the first match we lost we had pink and crunch on our alliance

Congrats to 233, 744, and 1999 you guys definitely deserved to win.

I still can’t believe that we had to go to 4 matches again this year.

just goes to show the great competition at TnT. Almost every single elimination match could go either way in my opinion. Each match had me biting my nails!

It was a great pleasure hooking up with 744 again. They’re a great team that we know every year will be either a tough challenge or a great ally. The only regret I had was their representative got me to ask for 1523, after they’d been picked. It was all her fault :smiley: . And I never got any of their names, which is sad.

1999 did an excellent job. They played some impressive defense and definitely kept some high scoring teams down. They were extremely friendly and just a great team to work with.

Of all the finals series I’ve seen, the only one more nerve-racking was the absolute slugfest of Palmetto this year. Every time something went awry for this alliance, I thought it was all over. 744 breaks their entire gripper off, the alliance gets an ill-timed penalty in Finals 3 to force a fourth match, the numerous pileups–that they were even moving at the end of the match is a testament to these teams.

Congrats, y’all!

But they sure did get a great trophy from it all. One of the drivers from 744 said that the broken piece of their claw was their real trophy. When it happened I was thinking to myself I hope this is the last time they are going to be using their robot because that’ll be fun to fix. :smiley: Congrats to all teams who participated. This year was a good one and team 1592 can’t wait until this season’s competition gets underway or for next year’s TNT!

The people that where around me where like aaaaaaaaaaaaa just zip tie it back together. (Joking obviously) lol:) .