pic: TerrorBytes 2015 Shooter Bot


First draft of our off-season shooter robot. The roller to the right of the CIM motor will be connected via polycord to another roller (not pictured) to pull balls into the shooter wheel. This is likely how we will be mounting the plates to the robot.
Any general suggestions, advice, or common pitfalls are welcome.


Just wondering - So are the wheels connected to the sims directly with a chain drive, or is there a gearbox hidden in the frame?


Its a kit AM14U So I assume he is using the toughbox’s with the included belts.


Sperowsky’s right, you can actually see the top of the Toughbox gearbox on the drive train. It’s a completely stock drivetrain, our focus was just on building the superstructure on top of whatever drivetrain we had around. The shooter though it currently powered by that single CIM using belts and no reduction. Because the outside plates are identical though, we could mount two CIMS (one on the outside of each plate instead of a single one on the inside) and double our power for the wheel. Right now it looks like we’ll be able to fire relatively rapidly with only the one, but it’s an option.


Alright, that makes sense. Thanks!


Thanks for clarifying!