pic: Test Board with New Control System and Talon SRXs

This is our summer drivetrain outfitted with the new control system and Talon SRX speed controllers.


  • New control system
  • Talon SRXs controlled over CAN
  • USB camera feed sent to SmartDashboard
  • REV Robotics More Board (Currently unused)
  • Gyro for drive correction

Java source code coming soon.

Source Code Here

Are the 4 bearing blocks in the corner the Plastic Clamping Bearing Blocks? (P/N 217-4155)

If so, how have they held up? Have you had any issues with them?

Could you possibly go into detail in how you got your usb camera feed working and what camera are you using? I’m having troubles getting a PS3 Eye camera working with a similar test bed setup.

To be honest, I am wondering the same thing because we aren’t sure rather to use the plastic bearing blocks or the aluminum ones (even though we have the aluminum ones already).

I am not mechanical, but as far as I have seen they work just like the aluminum ones (The robot currently has 4 plastic and 2 aluminium) with no issues. My only recommendation is to make sure to put 2 bearings in each block. I wasn’t given enough bearings when reassembling, so our wheels are angled with only 1 bearing in each block.

Sure, first plug in the camera and open the roboRIO webdashboard. You should see the camera listed with a name like “cam0”. If you don’t see your camera listed there, it probably isn’t supported.

Then in your code you need to insert the following lines in the initialization of the Robot (Assuming you are using Java or C++):

CameraServer server = CameraServer.getInstance();

Make sure to replace “cam0” with the name of the camera found in the first step.