pic: test pilot riding the robot elevator


One of our freshman who is a test pilot is riding the robot elevator

So do the wheels? under the wood come closer to the robot thus lifting the wood up?

Your robot elevator looks awsome!
what are u powering your elevator?
and did i mention it looks cool
and also how high were u intending to life and what will you be lifting (robot/tube)
good luck to you guys!:slight_smile:

That’s 12+ inches off the ground (~13) right there.

And we’re planning on lifting robots: the test pilot with the welding mask weighs around 150, which is a bit more than maximum weight for one robot.


wow, that’s pretty good. Good luck this season!


pneumatics…you can seem em on the left side of the pic

How is your ramp/elevator deployed?

i predict tipping of many many robots

its cool and all but im skeptable about the fact that who evers sitting on it if close to the top of the robot not the edge . sometimes the robots renter of gravity can be on edge of the elvator resulting in total tipping

cool though

edit: do you guys have something on the bottom of the elevator? something black? cant tell

do u guys have a pic of the bottom of the elevator?

Maybe some sort of support? :wink:

-_- what ever good luck guys

My guess is that under that platform is a jack set up. Seeing as how there is no lifting mechanism on the robot and a pneumatic set up is sitting off to the left. You can see an automotive jack here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Nascarphx31.jpg

Or you can see one in motion if you watch this video http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-use-a-car-jack at around 4:00 minute mark.

Seems like a tried and true method of lifting heavy objects. Good luck guys, that looks pretty cool.