pic: Tester for VEX, VICTOR, JAG

We used an old Edgibot controller to make a tester for VEX motor, Victor 884 & 888 and jag speed controllers. We can plug it into any controller to test mechanisms and to see if a controller is bad. It has on off, forward and reverse along with variable speed. It should be real handy at competitions. We can also check cables with it.

Very nice.

Maybe I’ll make something similar with an arduino for component testing.

Ooo a FIRST Antique! I like using RC hobby systems for testing. It’s real easy to plug in a few PWMs, configure your controls and run wirelessly if needed. Some of the computerized aircraft transmitters are great because all settings can be easily configured electronically rather than via dip switches. You can even program mixing and sequences.

Our team (actually, our two electronics captains) made something similar this year based upon an Arduino Nano. It’s a two channel controllable PWM signal generator, and we’ve found it extremely useful in testing our prototypes. Unlike ours, it appears as if this setup includes some sort of PDB. Is that the case?