pic: Tetra Fun at Summer Frenzy


One of the heads of the Summer Frenzy and the announcers had fun with the tetras in the last few qualifying matches. Personally, I was in shock of this, so I quickly took a picture before they tumbled.

The red tetras upside down were not knocked over by the alliance in that round. My team maneuvered around them! They stayed up the whole match. They made one more fun arrangement, but unfortunately I did not get the chance to get a picture of it before they got knocked over by both alliances. =[

Goes to show you how much fun the announcers can have! =]

When the field broke at Battlecry this year, we were doing stuff like this. I think we got two or three tetras balancing on each other (like in the pic on the left)

There should be some pictures… i’m just not sure where

Haha! It was really funny at one point because when they stacked the two tetras up like the ones on the left, my friend Henry from 222 decided to try to balance another tetra on top. He couldn’t of course and had to restack the two on that side. It was too funny because they kept falling. They were fine until Henry fussed with them.

Seems like that would have taken some finesse to achieve. I’d like to try that one day.

Has anyone attempted to balance a goal upside down?

Has anyone attempted to balance a goal upside down?

No, but the center goal did get tipped over at Summer Frenzy.

I noticed that they were doing cool stuff with the tetras, but I must have seen the one that you missed getting a picture of.

Most of the time I was wandering around the Iron Fever Expo, instead of watching the robots or sitting on the pit table half asleep!