pic: Thank You 1114

As some of you know, and many of you don’t know, this past weekend, 771 changed their robot from a (weak) arm bot into a ramp bot. We approached team 1114 earlier in the week, and they enthusiastically agreed to help us turn our dream into a reality. Various hordes of 1114 mentors and students trooped in and out of our pit all weekend, made runs to the plastic store for us, all to help us strip our robot down to the bare chassis, and rebuild from the ground up (our baseplate was too heavy). With their help, we rewired and rebuilt the robot as a ramp that can hold two robots very easily. In an incredible display of gracious professionalism, they gave up their weekend to help make us competitive.

The above is a thank you letter that we wrote to them, and would like to share with all of you on ChiefDelphi so that they can get the recognition they deserve.


You and the rest of S.W.A.T. are far too kind. It was our pleasure to help your team out. Your team is one of the most inspirational and gracious teams in all of FIRST. Working hand in hand with your team to create those great ramps was a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

More importantly, congratulations on your Chairman’s Award. You are leaders in the Canadian FIRST community, and this award was well deserved.

To 1114:

This is my first year within the FIRST robotics competition – And so far it’s been a tremendous experience considering teams do assist others physically and with passion.

This year (my only year so far), you guys have been a great role model towards the FIRST community as well as 771 (S.W.A.T.). Throughout the weekend (GTR), you’ve shown your generousity towards other teams, and I was amazed by the spirit and helpfulness you have inputed toward those other teams. I’ve seen your team help a bunch at their pits.

And lookie-here! We have a thank letter/announcement from Team 771 to Team 1114. Just goes to show you how gracious professionalism really works. Furthermore, you guys have just shown me noticable spirit in the pit area.

As my first year in FIRST (along with practically everyone else in our team), this was an amazing experience. We’ve had major troubles throughout the season, but we hung in.

To 771:

Congratulations on your Regional Chairman’s Award as well. It’s good that you girls can spread the message of not just FIRST, but how girls (opposed to stereotype) can be more involved within the technological field.

Good luck you two, in Atlanta. :smiley:

I knew that we weren’t the only team that is thankful to team 1114. In a very short time, they became very well known in the community. I have never heard anyone complain about this team or say “we didn’t receive any help from them.” I am privilaged to have the chance to associate with a team like Simbotics. You guys are a role model to all FIRST teams, you can bet that we will be cheering you on at championship. Good luck there.

Below is an email that we, team 1345 sent to team 1114.

Thank you Team 1114.

Hello Team 1114,

We, team 1345, would like to say thank you for all the help and support you provided us this 2007 build season. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Team 1345 is a fourth year team. With very minimum resources and with only two mentors, it is very hard to get through every season. It would not have been possible for us to tackle more advanced designs without the help from our Canadian friends. I was going around and looking for a well built and unique chassis for a while. I still remember the night when I let Karthik know that we need to go a little bit more advanced with our designs and that we are looking for a strong and unique/modular chassis. Karthik didn’t hesitate at all to get me in touch with the design team of team 1114. With their input, team 1345 was able to design and manufacture a chassis that can go out there, dominate on the field and not get pinned to a corner.

The gracious professionalism from Team 1114 didn’t stop at helping with designs. When we were in need of some kit of part wheels, they were the first one to step up.

You guys are a role model for all FIRST teams. Every single kid from team 1345 appreciates you and hoping to see you guys soon. Good luck this season.

Arefin Bari.
FRC Team 1345 – Platinum Dragons.

What a terrific story. Thanks so much for sharing. Thanks 1114 for being a great role model to all FIRST teams!

I am shocked they didn’t win a Chairman’s award this year.

What everyone’s been saying is totally on the mark. 1114 provides an example I try to follow every day, and what’s more, they’re just good people, top to bottom.

Ed is surprised that they didn’t take home a chairman’s award this year, I’m pretty shocked that they were shut out for technical awards at the GTR this weekend. They built a beautiful robot that proved to be a head above the field, and in my books that should count for something. (In fact, the same goes for 2056)

Kate, and 771, I’m really happy for you! A regional win AND the CA… what an incredible season =)

I would like to echo Adam’s comments by reiterating the reason that 1114 is such a model for the FIRST community, it is because they are simply an amazing group of people. Having a pit a few spots away from SWAT this weekend I got to see how much help and support 1114 gave to these girls (and tried to pitch in when I could). It seemed like for all three days there were as many Simbotics members in SWAT’s pit helping them out as SWAT members. Hey they could have brought their robot over to SWAT’s pit and worked on it there, it seemed like there were more Simbotics members in SWAT’s pit then working on their own bot (all though their bot didn’t need as much work).

Kate X2, Michelle, Kayla, and to the rest of the SWAT girls, you had an amazing season this year… winning your first ever regional and winning your first Chairman’s award are amazing accomplishments and well deserved. It was alot of fun to work with you girls this year, and I am sure you are going to do really well in Atlanta.

The students and mentors of team 1114 are a great bunch of people, the are always willing to help a team with parts or tools. Thanks for being a great inspiration to all of FIRST.