pic: Thank You Frank

This picture was taken today at the inaugural NY Tech Valley Regional. Frank took time out of his schedule to talk to our team about the game, matches, and the competition. He specifically asked our students and adults what we thought of the game and what could be done better in FIRST.

Thank you Frank Merrick for your openness and willingness to strive for continuous improvement. There have been great improvements in FIRST in the short time that you have been with the organization. It is not an easy position to fulfill. Your efforts are truly appreciated.

It seems like a lot of the people at FIRST are trying hard to seek for input and are taking that input to heart.

We at 166 have a pretty good rapport with a few members of the GDC and others who for FIRST due to our proximity to the HQ and our involvement with competitions like Mayhem in Merrimack and the FIRST Official Week Zero.

At Kickoff, one of our main contacts for Week Zero asked us for our initial impressions on this game and if we thought that many teams would seriously try to catch Truss shots. If I remember correctly, he said that one of their main concerns for this year was to still keep the game challenging but to allow less-experienced teams still feel like they are having an impact. If anyone from FIRST out there is watching, I think you guys nailed it. I love Aerial Assist. Keep 'em coming!