pic: Thanks for the help 716


For all of Team 237 I want to thank Team 716 for their assistance in repairing our robot for the finals at River Rage. We had a damaged solenoid from the previous round and 716 took their robot apart so we could have a chance to compete.
That is truly what this is all about. Thanks Who’sCTEKS

When we were rookies, two teams mentored us. These teams are Team 237 and Team 157. We help everyone but it is always gratifying to be able to return the favor to the teams that got us off on the right foot that first year.

BTW, what is Scott(?) doing with the arm, he looks deep in thought!

I would like to thank 716 also…early saturday i got some movitating design recomendations from andy brockway. with his intellect i was able to redesign my box (which should be up here soon) and make sense with everything. THANK YOU ANDY!!!

applauds Team 716 True GP right there. Great job you guys! =)
I’ve never seen that kind of GP at any competition (so far) that I have attended, and that is just awesome. I wish I could have been there to see it, and possibly help as well. Bravo!

im liking the bright pink/green shoes! :yikes:

but seriously, 716 has always been there when we needed help, as we have been for them. Our teams have created a strong bond over the past few seasons, and they are a perfect example of a team that makes FIRST what it is. :slight_smile:

I found it ironic that the part that we gave to them (a solenoid) we only had because we bought replacement solenoids after the weight of *their * robot accidentally broke ours in the finals matches of J&J when we lifted our robot on the bar directly underneath them, therefore mushing one of our solenoids.
So basically, if they hadn’t accidentaly broken that solenoid in NJ, we wouldn’t have been able to supply them with that part!! :yikes:

it’s a small world after all, Its a small world after all… :smiley:

Congrats 716 on a fine showing of Gracious Professionalism, it is known that you are always more then willing to help anybody out, ally or opponent, at any competition off-season or on!

I would also like to thank 716 for their gracious professionalism. THey are always there when we need it, and that irony all works out, haha. But anyway, thank you guys alot!

Also, Andy, I was very deep in thought. :cool: I was thinking of some strategy for the next match at the time the pic was taken.

I would like to thank Andy and the entire Team 716 for their help and support at RiverRage 2004. Not only did Andy supply the part that we needed, he also came over and installed it !! He is always willing to help out others. I appreciate all your help and want you to know that we will always be willing to help you if the need arises.

Thanks again… :slight_smile:

I would also like to thank 716 for their help and unwavering support of all who are in need when times get tough during competitions.

Thanks Andy, and the rest of 716.

By the way, I think the kid watching the pit crew in this picture in the black shirt on the left of the pic, is the same kid who was working field reset during one of our matches HEREand almost got taken out by our robot. :ahh:

Must have been trying to get a closer look to the robot who he ran from during that match when were DQ’ed for extending outside the playing field trying to right ourselves… :eek:

All I have to say about River Rage and the competition in general is that coaching is weird. This competition was my first competition where I coached the whole thing. It was weird… I don’t know if I could do it full time.

I give everyone who coaches their teams during matches lots of credit. The view from behind the players station is definitely different than the side view I normally get from the stands. Views are skewed, and sometimes you can hardly tell what is going on in the field. In one of our matches, there was a mobile goal in our way, and I did not even notice that our battery flew out, and thus we were disabled. :frowning: I was freaking out, thinking that our driver had lost all power to the robot when in fact we just were disabled.


I know how you feel and the match when your battery fell out i take responsibilty for. My ref who was in the players station shoud’ve informed you right away. my appologies.

It was kinda heart breaking to walk to the platform and hear hisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss of air escaping from your bot. Im so glad you were able to get it fixed and let the finals play on… then there was that issue with your drive in the last match.

Tough break, but great job guys…look forward to seeing you guys agian.

ya that problem with our drive was because of messy workmanship…it seems that a piece of a zip tie fell into the chain when it got cut and when the chain went around the sprocket the zip tie popped it off… :confused: kinda frustrating but thanks team 716 for helping us out to get us partially working…btw you shall get that solenoid as a souvenir :)! :yikes:

…for the past 2 days after school Teddy scott and I have been working on the robot replacing things and getting it back to its full potential so see all you guys at Bash!

…also in that picture me and Andy work hard to fix that broken solenoid (I’m in front of the arm)… :eek: