pic: Thanks team 1323 and team 11!

Thanks team 1323 and team 11 for the AWESOME workshop.
Thanks RC and Akash for preparing it!

Thank you so much!

Thanks EWCP !!!

Thanks RC and your mentors for hosting the workshop. I wish I would’ve gone out there to visit and help out in person, but hearing all the great feedback gives me an awesome feeling. Great work by the rookie team as well (mix/formation of 1868 and a few other teams), I heard that the members were all heavily involved in each activity and really worked hard.

The next workshop will hopefully include appearances and chat with mentors from teams such as 973, 254, and 1538

One quick note in giving credit where its due. We took inspiration from team 25’s RINOS program and presentations at the workshops were gathered with thanks to Chris L from 1114.