pic: That's a lot of game pieces!

Getting ready for summer camp next week… I wonder what we can do with all these game pieces?

Looks like an epic game of dodgeball…

No predicting the 2018 game, Jon. You can pull those NERF footballs out.

Otherwise, I see:
-2009, x1 (plus one wheel)
-2012, x4
-2013, x6 (2 of each type)
-2014, x1, partially deflated (Was thinking 2008, but then I saw what it was on)
-2015, x3
-2016, x2
-2017, x2 sacks (guessing about 25 in a sack)

–and one person barely in frame that looks ready to grab one or more and start pegging a mentor with a (possibly well-deserved?) volley of basketballs. :yikes:

Those were actually my prediction one year ago for the 2017 game :slight_smile: . But hey, if we keep tossing them in the mix we’re bound to be right eventually!

I’m curious - I’ve seen lots of teams throwing around the concept of summer camp. Is it just a week long thing where you train new members, or is this an outreach thing?

For us, it’s part of our recruitment and training program. It’s designed for incoming freshmen, and intended to give them an idea of what being on the team would be like without actually requiring them to know anything coming in. We have a number of projects they get to walk through (at least one of which they take home at the end of camp) that exposes them to the various area of the team, as well as daily team building activities. Overall, it’s a 2 week program, lasting 3 hours a day Monday through Thursday.

This is by far our biggest recruitment tool. Most people that attend summer camp stick around for the fall and build season. We have 14 potential new members joining us this year (12 freshmen and even 2 8th graders that somehow found out about it and asked if they could come), which might actually be the biggest group yet!

I had procured similar footballs, but with the stubbier, more integrated fins.

Dodge ball with the round balls is always fun. Having a mix of ball sizes might be an interesting twist.

With the wiffle balls, an interesting game might be akin to playing “The Matrix”. One person is allowed 10 balls, and the other person is given a PVC sword or a skinny wiffle ball bat. Thrower tries to hit the person with a wiffle ball, other person tries to touch the other person without getting hit. Both persons must stay within a clearing, ideally a large circle so neither can trap the other in a corner.

We are down for a PVC sword game. :wink:

That is quite the collection. 1058 has been cleaning through our storage areas this summer and has most game pieces except for 2003, 2005, 2008 (it went home with a student during last year’s cleaning), and 2009. For the missing years we still have a key robot part: chassis (03), boom lift (05), entire robot (08), and wheels (09).

I predicted shooting coal into a furnace, I don’t think I was too far off

Here’s the whitepaper 1712 wrote about the first iteration of our student-run summer camp. Our is aimed as an outreach event, but we do also bust out old game pieces for recess (and to show off 1712 robots).

It can mean either. Team 3946 did a programming camp week before last, which was primarily to bring some new programmers on line, but we extended it to other local teams, and had a couple from FTC 9958 Redfish Robotocs as well as half a dozen from our team.
Then, this week, the nearby SPAWAR office did an outreach type robotics camp, to which we sent a few volunteers, and did a demo.
A few years ago, we had a more general robotics summer camp of the training type, and before that, some of our mentors and members (before they were on our team) did an elementary-school-age robotics outreach type camp at a library, as I recall.

Stop trying to make fetch happen Jon.

“You must spread some reputation around before giving to Andrew Schreiber again.”

I never thought the day would come where I see a Mean Girls quote on CD (and not from a student)!

My prediction was Hockey pucks into a furnace and moving a game piece to activate a machine.