pic: The 2006 Gael Force drive team (and Tim)

The drive team waiting behind Archimedes for the next match. Gordon Lankton (Nypro Chairman of the Board) snagged this while we were hanging out.

What a year for this team. Down and out the first day of competitions at Atlanta. You crawled back and almost made it to the finals. Question:
How do you think you would have done if team 20 pick you. You were our first pick but you got snagged up.

Exceptional team attitude and great Robot!

your friend from team 20
joe barra

Well, we did awesome together at UTC, so, who knows? There’s always next year… :smiley:

One of the best things about this picture, aside from their robot, is Tim’s socks…I don’t know where you found them man, but they’re crazy!

A great picture of a great robot and a great, smilin’ team. We’ll see you next year!

Tim is wearing what we effectively call “Moe’s Socks” here in New England. They were created by Moe of team 88 years ago, and he hands them out to random people every now and then. Best bet of getting a pair of Moe’s socks is to befriend team 88 and get in Moe’s good graces! Or maybe bring him cookies.


It’s all true. Moe and I share this in common: we both love socks and cookies.
However, the socks are now 5+ years old and have holes. I need new socks, Moe. If you’re reading this, help a brother out. :wink:

Moe Socks! A team 88 (TJ^2) exclusive. I know they were all the rage and very rare a few years ago, but I haven’t heard much about them lately. Used to be you had to go to some pretty great lengths to get them. (Execute a hit on a robot for Botfather Bill?) I’ve no idea about now, but they’re still really cool.

179 were the lucky ones to snatch em. We certainly had a chance at the big dance, seeing as how we beat the 1st alliance (which went on to win Einstien). I think we had a strategy that could have won 2 matches but we needed either a stronger defensive/offensive 3rd partner. But 585 did a good job for us as it was. Then our second loss was only by 5 points… Our bot kept throwing chains every match and couldn’t last much further than it did anyways.
A big thanks to you guys and congrats on your success. I was real happy to work with your team. Your coach was very comforting to work with. Your drivers stayed the coarse and you guys plugged a lot of balls. That one match where we all got on the ramp was cool too. We lost to team 217 in the finals on Archimedes last year also. So now your part of the tradition. But watch out T-Chickens…

Genia, you know I think you’re awesome, but I hereby sentence you to visiting one New England FIRST event in the next year!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: Actually I’ll probably be going to college out there, so I will do my best to make it to at least one event.

It’s true, we definitely had a good chance of going to the top. The fact that we lost by only 5 points (2 more balls would have won it) impressed me to no end. I walked away happy none-the-less.
Congrats to both 179 and 585 for your performances. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks to teams 179 and 585 in the final at Archimedes for a great run. We fought till the end and only lost by five points. Thanks again we tried our best and its nice to know that we lost to the national champs.

Tim you definitely gotta get new socks!!!

I had fun and I hope I have time to mentor on team 126 next year when I’m in college.