pic: The 2008 Team 703 Phoenix Robot

Well, it certainly isn’t the best, or most recent image of our bot, but it will have to do for now.

Here is the Team 703 Overdrive robot.

Any guesses as to how it grabs the ball? :smiley:

Video footage coming soon!

Some random facts about the robot this year:

  • 10 wheel drive
  • 2 speed transmission
  • Use of composites in several places
  • Relatively Low CoG
  • Very hard to tip
  • Faster than last years
  • Looks a bit like one of our other robots (you guess which one) :stuck_out_tongue:
  • The lift is DEAD silent (Not really a useful quality, but cool nonetheless)
  • The drive system handles like a dream (very smooth)

I’d also like to note that the wood part is temporary, the part will be replaced with a carbon fiber version.

Only 10 wheels…I’m a little diapointed :wink:

Looks good and good luck!

Yeah, we figured the 14 wheels last year was a bit… overkill for this game. The nice thing about this drive is that it is a lot lighter and more efficient with chains instead of gears.

Last year the entire drive was powered from the back of the bot, this year we centered everything and connected the center wheel directly to the gearbox using a hex shaft. The nice thing about the hex shaft is even if we should break every chain on the robot, we will still have 2 wheels working. :yikes:

nice robot, can’t wait to see it in action at GTR

My first reaction too. But I was consoled by the fact that you’re using carbon fiber. :slight_smile:

As far as picking up the ball, I have this guess. Those two side-board mounted cylinders will pull your entire tower forward on an angle. This will allow the yet-to-be-replaced wood cradle to “kneel” in front of the bumper, and the wheel at the top will scoop the Trackball in. Am I close?

Looking forward to seeing this in competition.

are the two wheels in the back not directly driven? i see no chain.

My guess is that the chain is on the inside of the wheels. Same with the two-wheeled section in the middle.

I count 11 wheels

Very, very close, the only thing different is that the cradle actually doesn’t go in front of the bumpers, it will rest either slightly on top or behind them. But you basically got it right. :smiley:

Yes, that is correct, the wheel chains alternate sides.

Well, if you want to get technical… :rolleyes:

i have a guess how it grabs the ball

those two pneumatic pistons lean the entire manipulator assembly down, so the wheel can roll the ball up into its cradle.

i doubt its finished :smiley: but if it isss


Yeah we know. We figured “Lexan side plates + No bumpers = Bad”, anyways so we’ll have them on one way or another. :smiley:

nice looking bot guys looks nice a strong!! See you at GTR!

OMG!!! I can not wait to see this baby in action at Detroit!!!

Oh yeah can’t forget about that good ol carbon fiber. haha :smiley:

OK, that’s a SWEET looking 'bot!

When you have video of it in action please post for all to see!

Good luck this season and HAVE FUN!

We do have a video of it running. It’s on our website at www.team703.com

To be more specific:


Would have uploaded it to youtube, but the quality is worse… and it’s about 20 minutes long. :rolleyes:

Not all of the functionality is shown in the video, but you can get a pretty good idea of what it does. :smiley: