pic: The 2010 Elgin Clock Award

Here I am posing with my new award. The Elgin Clock Award, given to the person in Fantasy FIRST who scouts the best, or makes the best predictions before The Game is announced.
The clock is up and ticking, a big thanks to Barry Bonzack for putting it together.

…wow. I had no idea Elgin has his own award now. This has totally made my morning.

The world as we know it has come to an end. :eek:

I need one made for Kevin for winning the regular season Fantasy FIRST in 2009.
Which by the way Bethany also only won the regular season. Her boyfriend and creator of the award Barry won the championship again.

Holy cow, why am I just NOW seeing this?? lol

That’s pretty EPIC, not gonna lie. I’m humbled & just blown away that an actual award was made. Pretty cool!