pic: The 2nd Seeded Alliance at Detroit

I know 548 is somewhat covered up, but if you look you can see them :slight_smile:

Also it is showing 201 “spewing” their balls into a trailer!

Photo Credit: Dan Ernst

This was an amazing alliance. In the end, we found out that the driving issue that we were having was due to a faulty BB motor. The motor was shorted causing one of our wheels to not move. This issue will definitally not happen again, as we have created a diagnosic program that will check the amperage draw from the motor telling us if there is an issue with the motor. This alliance was a lot of fun, and a pleasure to work with. Thanks guys. We hope to see everyone soon at Grand Rapids, Eastern Michigan, and Atlanta. :slight_smile:

Neat picture. Especially the gravity defying ball in the background. Who shot it… or where is it going =).