pic: The aftermath

It wouldn’t be mayhem if the match ended with a full-on two-at-twelve-inches, would it?

I hope they didn’t discount the bonus points just because of that tube.

There were even worse situations at the championships when the refs claimed a tube was “supporting” a robot.

Will Mission Mayham be uploaded to TBA? I’d like to watch :slight_smile:

Why is the ref on the left wearing forehead protectors instead of safety glasses :yikes:

We were using the same rules as IRI, if a tube was suspected of “supporting” a robot, the tube was deflated and then the height was measured.

…oppps! The one time I push back the safety glasses, a picture gets snagged.

(whistles innocently)

Michelle, you got a lot of explaining to do. How can you dare to get close to robots at Mayhem without safety glasses on? :stuck_out_tongue:

… I got smacked by 108’s arm once. :rolleyes:

Was the lift counted or not? I’m not a fan of the FIRST official “Robot Supported by Tubes” Rules.

Wow, isn’t that unfortunate…

…it counted, and were we glad we decided to rotate our arm up and back whenever we deployed the ramp! :wink: