pic: the Answer to 538 teaser

Truth is its a up raiser for the pillar blocks

i like it … shine

Cool! Looks like a solid drive train.

I just have a few questions, what are those sprockets made of, and where can I get my hands on some of those.

looks like Nylon or something

I have some questions. Did you buy those pillow blocks (the pieces with bearings in them)? If you manufactured them, why not make it all one piece instead of the separate spacer block?

Also, how come you chose such large wheels, because they are easy to work with and you had them already, or is there another reason?

Last, I’d like to say this picture makes me think my team is behind. A fully welded frame with pillow blocks, wheels, and axles at the start of week three. Nice Job! Also, I’d like to compliment you on your chains. They look very well tensioned.

Is it safe to use Nylon sprockets on your drive. How reliable are they? How much weight did it save you?

They actually look like delrin (like nylon but a little more heavy duty and robust.)… but who knows.

We had some delrin sprockets machined for us last year (thanks RAGE!), and they seemed to hold up pretty well. I mean, they didnt break… But that was just in testing, and who knows what it would be like in competetion.

i see you guys only have one motor mounted, is that part of your hint or just sumthing you havent mounted yet?

good job! I dont see any other motors mounted!! :ahh: i need glasses or something. BUt yea i only see the gearbox and the CIMs mounted on the gearbox.