pic: The Bobcats 2001 & 2003 & Admirers

Hey guys, we know we build the best arms in the business, isn’t it time you admit that you like it just a little bit?

So John V N, tell me now… where’d you get the arm idea? It certainly wasn’t rage. :wink: Us “Bob-kittens” certainly know how to make an arm, and we arent even cats yet… So if you’re copying us, what does that make your team, “simple addition by zero?” =P :wink:

We have some people going up to NH, i’ll tell them to stop by and check out your good work. I like your arm, even if it does remind me of someone else’s. =D As we all know being able to inspire someone, is always the best form of flattery.

I think Team 60 would put up a challenge for the best arms.

I’ll have to see it in action, but right now I’d say team 25 has a lock on “best arm”.

Yeah their arm does look pretty beefy, I guess thats what happens when you use 3 times the mechanisms and 4 times the weight… oh well… luckily the bobcats aren’t looking to challenge for best arm this year, we will only be using it to perform 2 of the 5 things we plan on being able to do

Haha, wow…
Seriously though – our arm was inspired by lots of different designs, though since our team leader is a 177 alumni you could make a strong argument the design has been influenced by bobcat-history.

You did catch us, the claw design was partially inspired by RAGE 2003. :wink:

Everyone looks at these robots, and only sees the arm, and assumes the other may have “copied” the design.

Look at Clarkson’s robot, look at Rage’s robot, Bobcats… they are all completely different from the bobcats. Different drivetrain, different end effectors, radically different frame designs. Each of these robots are marvels of engineering in their own right.

173, what can i say… you guys know how to build a fast and agressive robot… and beleive it or not, beneath that awesome red paint is a wood frame… who would have thought that wood would be so great in FIRST.

229, your shifters last year worked amazingly, and you guys area always improving your designs. I look at that frame you have this year, and i say 2 things… first, where is the mothers wax?.. and second… “wow”… John showed me the plans for the bot back before any parts were built, and i said to myself, if the real bot looks as great as the plans look, he’s going to have a really competitive robot, and i think he does.

177, i think i can say without a doubt that “we” started the polished aluminum arm craze in the Connecticut River Valley. The first year we had an arm was in 97… 98 and 99 we followed with similar designs, 2001 and 2003 we were back at it again, and i hear the 2004 bobcat will have another arm… there’s a lot of surface area on those arms… hope you guys are ready to polish…

Even though robots may look the same, there is never two identical bots, (unless you look at 60 and 254 :))-- look deeper into these robot designs than just “hey you stole our arm”, there is always more to see beneath the lexan coverings of these robots!

Best of luck, can’t wait to see you guys compete!

Tom Schindler

hey, did anyone care to mention that fact that 229 KIDNAPPED the main driver of rage from last year? hmmmmmmmmmmm…I bet they have joel tied up in some dark corner until they get all of the secrets out of him…

fear the playwood, for it is god incarnate.

I still have to say that the 2001 Bobcat robot is on my top 5 favorite list!!

or 254??!?! or 60b???!?? or 254b!?!??!

We may have used arms last year but correct me if I’m wrong, You guys have wood rollers and green tubing for ball spitting this year. (I am thinking back to 2000, 2002, 2004, and a whole lot of other years that I am not sure of what year.)

you would be suprised at how much our arms weigh in at, in 2000 the arm only weighed about 22 lbs motors, and wires included i am not sure about this years arm, i would have to ask one of the kids ( i am just a crazy scout/strategy guy :p)

Actually, and you can ask Joel this… we’ve been treating him very well!

Gotta keep the programmer happy. He’s the man behind the machine.
The secret to our automode. Some teams have fancy sensors, we have Joel.

He told me over and over again to build a wood robot, but we just kept resisting. I think overall he’s happy with the system we’ve got… well… he can’t stop smiling about it. Right Joel? :wink:

Also the website rocks.

Overall… Joel is just the man.
I dunno where we’d be without him.

Hey, thanks. Yes, its true, life on 229 has been good. I’m usually surrounded by good people that create a positive environment in which I can work comfortably. No complaints. I miss my driving days, though, but I guess I had to let go sometime. RAGE '04, make me proud :). RAGE 04 + Division 04 would make me even more proud :D. Again, thanks for the compliments. Have a great season.

First of all, John, I hope you know I meant my post all in good fun for the comments you made in the redemption thread. Bob-kittens ;D I seriously like your arm and am actually glad that someone keeps the legacy of extruded aluminum arms alive so well. The bobcats felt that this year extending, extruded arms weren’t the way to go, so it cool too see someone else think it was. Every idea is a good idea… except forgetting to leave some Mt. Dew for me when I need to stay at a meeting, wiring till early into the morning.

Secondly, I’m well aware that arms aren’t a “Bobcat” thing. I just felt that Clarkson obviously had some ‘Bobcat arm design’ in there, seeing as you know, you stole our alumni! Jeez, stealing EO and Joel… Call it pride, but its just a deep found love for that arm. 2001 was a great year. Most people are probably traumatized by their freshman year, but I loved it because of that arm and how well we did.

Thirdly, I look forward to seeing every arm design. Even our own… seeing as we have not even had a chance to try it out ourselves really. I suppose we’ll have to find out who can win an arm wrestling match on the bar in competition.

Fourthly, you must be thinking of a different robot Jon K. We used aluminum knurled rollers. As someone said… Wood is evil. I never knew how R.A.G.E could stand the wood frame, but I give them lots of credit for making it win. Also, no fancy green tubing on our robot. The only color tubing i’d allow on our robot without crying foul are Gold, Maroon, and black. =D

Fifth, good luck to all the robots this season. Whether armed or unarmed, inspired by previous design, inspired by experience or inspired by a moment of clarity in constant insanity, that can only be labeled as an epiphany.

P.S. to Clarkson - I’ll try to get word to our folks who are going up to NH to bring you a container of mothers polish. No arm is complete without it ;D I know what the bobcats will be doing practice day.

The missing link: http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/pictures.php?action=single&picid=6553

As a former member of Team 177 Bobcat Robotics, and the current team leader of team 229, of course when the team decided they wanted to do big balls, and wanted to use an arm to do it, there was some bobcat influence. I was proud to be able to share some of my knowledge that I gained from being a member of such a great team as 177. You guys truely inspire the FIRST community with your robots, and your students are always very involved all at the same time. I know when i went to visit them in the fall there were 3 machines running and they were all being run by students, even the CNC machine. (under supervision of course) Well done guys.

As far as 229 goes, we are a melting pot of vertran FIRSTers. Our officers (college leadership) include students formally from great teams including: 20, 166, 151, 173, 177, 263, 191. We utilize all of our knowledge to design and build the best robot possible, just like every team does.

The designs of all 4 of the robots you posted are different in their own manner. The onlything that is the same between Bobcat 2001 and Redemption 2 (229s bot) is that it is an extruded arm that extends. Other than that the devices that drive both the shoulder and the extendo are completely different. (I spent pleanty of time with both bots) :slight_smile: Likewise, the Rage robot pictured is also very different.

Its obvious that variations from the 97 bobcat arm have done well in competition, and they keep inproving.

Eric O’Brien
Proud member of Team 229 and Alum of Team 177

PS: Do you think we could borrow on of those bots to give our arm driver more training? I know there are some extras lying around :wink:

Haha, actually EO, if your drivers want to come down to utcfc I’m sure we would be more than happy to let them scrimmage against us once we have our second bot done (crosses fingers) unfortunately I think the best robot for them would be 2001 since 03 still experiences some tripping of the breakers for the drill motors on the drive train (unless it is in very low gear, I guess it depends how fast you designed your robot this year) Anyway, I think it would be really cool if your guys wanted to come practice with us even though its a long ride to south windsor :slight_smile: Actually, since it is a pretty good distance down here, maybe if you wanted to take the trip with saaaaay John, you could prove if you still have the magic touch with the old machine and give us some practice at the same time, that would also be cool

oh we didn’t lose our 2001 magic :slight_smile: – that will never be lost…


Hehehe I don’t doubt it… I would extend the invitation to help us practice to you also, except with you its more like you’re gonna get beat up if you DON’T help us practice :smiley: I know you’re always there for us though, GO TOMMY!