pic: The Bus 234 will be taking to Atlanta

Nice Photoshop job!
Fooled me for a second

Yes, those were photoshopped, but that is really what Allison is going to be putting on the bus. The “Allison Transmission” is already painted on the bus but they are printing out “Rolls-Royce” banners and a “Cyber Blue 234” logo and put it on the side of the bus. It was photoshopped to show everyone what it will look like. The team won’t be able to see it until it arrives at Perry Meridian on Wednesday afternoon.

Bus to Atlanta?!?!?!?!?
From Indy? wow. We are taking a flight from here in N.E. PA. That is going to be one fun ride. I whent out to IRI in a car and that was a good one:-/. Have fun. :wink: :slight_smile: .

Its not a bad drive. estimated time for a bus is 10 hrs or so…

I’ll make it in 8 :slight_smile:

It should be more than ten. Thanks to pythagorus (of course, the man). He says that if I take a 11ish hr ride to indy straight across the US, that Indy to Atlanta will be longer. Not sure how much longer, but longer all the same. Even so, ten hrs is stil a monster ride. I can’t take that kinda stuff!

Ten hours, phooey. I endured 4 - 14 hour bus rides to Houston last year. In less than two weeks.

Seriously, nice bus. All we got to do last year was paint our bus driver’s head to match our colors.

Cyber Blue is very appreciative of our bus this year…it was a huge surprise to us! The ride will be long, but the competition at nationals is definitely worth it!

man…our ride is going to be at least 13 hours each way from wisconsin!

DJ Knowing you, you’ll make it in 7, with a police “escort” :smiley:

For all you bus people, I endured quite possibly the longest bus ride in a single day…

24 hours, plus another hour or two after that total = 25 1/2 hours on a bus, 4 breaks BOS to IND… not fun espically with no CD player.


ok i gotta joke…what do you get with a bus full of 234 kids???

a boring bus ride to Atlanta :wink:

nice bus guys.