pic: The Carl Bot

I always see Carl in this proto type frame so I just said why not have him be our bot? haha jk

well, let’s see… over 60 inches, things other than the rover wheeels are touching the ground, possibly over 120 lbs…

i think the carl bot may need some improvements…

lol, jk… nice proto


LOL I agree we are moving forward, and Carl is a good prototype. haha That would definitely be funny to see. but not possible

Good luck this year.

one thing

haha there were no tools running in the shop don’t worry ;p he should still be wearing them though.

We have a safety line in our build shop, if your beyond the line (green paint on a concert floor) you should have safety glasses on. Its a good practice to get into if the machines are running or not, because it will become second nature.

Carl was the name of our FVC bot last year (when it was still vex). This one seems to be a more advanced, hybrid style design. Interesting.

Hmm, I think we’re going to have to ask FIRST about that, since we didn’t get a Carl in our Kit… :smiley:

Lol, its like cracker jacks except more advanced prizes

haha oh carl what a robot you make…

Except for the fact that it’s made out of tape. And it’s a BLUE line. :smiley: To add to it, there’s a container with safety glasses right by the line. The only flaw with our system is when people are doing something with the robot and it’s before the line. Many a mentor (and student) have forgotten their safety glasses while standing inches away from the robot.

Imagine: Just got the camera to work the day before. Robot in one room. Driver in another.
Driver: I should bring the controls out here.
Mentor?: You’ve got a camera!
Driver: You’re right, I do! It’s good practice!
Robot is driven into table leg… :yikes:

That’s a great idea. (:
I remember the suggestions people made of me being the bot, because I’m short… but it didn’t work in 07 because I couldn’t reach the top row of the rack.