pic: The Chairman's Clock has made it to Canada!

The Chairman’s Clock arrived at the home of Team 1114 earlier today; pretty awe inspiring.

Best trophy since the Stanley Cup.
Hope you guys can keep it shiny and safe from the occasional stray moose!

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Will the clock be coming to windsor on Thursday? Or is it being put into trophy case along with all your other WELL deserved trophies??

Congrats again on the Win. It was way over due.

Never was a team more deserving of the award.
Caring! High Standards! Integrity!
You guys have it all.

Congratulations once again on a job well done and for everything you’ve done to inspire students to do what they never dreamed they could have!

Amazing guys, you rock! Congratulations again; it’s so well deserved. Thank you for all the resources–not to mention inspiration–you’ve provided.

A magnificent trophy honouring an even more magnificent team. Congratulations once again!

Congrats Simbotics on this greatest achievement, you guys are an inspiration to the FRC community, thanks for all the resources that you guys provide, and for the motivation to aim for higher goal

I know this is stupid question, but why is the Chairmans Award trophy in the form of a clock? Is their a meaning behind it?

I’m sure there’s a more official story but I know that Dean loves making clocks. When the DLWs visited his house we saw a clock that was half-completed lying around in his shop. Another Dean idiosyncrasy…

Congratulations once again to 1114! You guys have been an inspiration to all of FIRST for many years now.

Congrats again to you and Team 1114.
I never get tired of looking at that thing.:slight_smile:

**so tell me…did you try and plug it in? I think every new CCA team does. hehe…

Long overdue … Our fine brothers to the north have from the start been a class act. Very happy for you and your TEAM.

This seems like a Hall of Famer in-joke…

Actually, we were kind of disappointed it didnt work and one of the brass gears fell off when they shipped it to us.
I swear we didnt break it.:stuck_out_tongue:
Maybe they fixed it?:rolleyes:

Looks easy enough to motorize… but maybe the lack of a powered motor is part of the beauty?

The clock is indeed motorized with a plug…which is why I made the original comment.

Perhaps Karthik can chime in on the working status of the clock.:slight_smile:

I also originally thought about having one made for our trophy case, up until I saw how much FIRST made us insure it for, upon its return to headquarters during build season.
Lets just say its beyond any school’s budget, I think.

Have any of the Chairman’s-winning teams attempted to fix it themselves?

I wonder if FIRST has someone assigned to maintain the awards year after year after year.

I know the WFA award comes with a list of things to do in order for the winner to upkeep it.

Don’t forget the one big thing to not do – don’t turn it upside down.

Now I am curious, what happens exactly if you do?