pic: The chances we take!

have your teams done anything crazy this season like put a cRio inches away from a bandsaw??? …Sometimes these things just come up

Being on the electronics subteam on my team, this is about the time that I would have had a heart attack knowing that the cRIO is that close to the saw blade.

:ahh: you couldent cut it from the other side?

We have a little saying on our team.

“Don’t worry, we’ll fix it in software.”

OK so plus 10 points for style, but minus several million for intelligence . .

but I do like the cable management job you did, very spiffy.

there is a good lesson to be learned here, measure twice, cut once, or something like that. And why didn’t you cover the electronics, to prevent the dust from getting in. we had to do some similar modifications to our electronics board also, but that was because we forgot to mount a speed controller.

we did shave off from the opposite side as far as we could. also though, We did blow the whole thing off with compressed air for about 10 minutes and made sure to check for any shavings in the system before powering up. It was kind of getting crunch time when we did this, but we did take as much caution as possible while doing it… (should of thought of covering the crio ports though… oops:ahh: )

Dear god is there no other way other than to put that cRIO that close to the saw blade? Your electronics captain must have had a heart attack, and even after being revived had another one.

lol… the angle kinda makes it look closer than it is. Once we got that close, we had backed it out and then we used a dremel tool. we had about 4 people guiding it through and watching it very closely…

and if you notice, the blade could not touch it because it’s guard was just above the lexan so nothing besides the lexan could touch the blade.

The other side wasn’t the problem! :stuck_out_tongue:

You know I have to ask this! The modules pull out of the Crio and there should be only a few attachments to mount the Crio on the board. It would seem to me that about five minutes of caution could prevent a potentially costly error. If you had used tywraps to hold the Crio in place, you could have had it out of the way in a less than a minute.

This is a joke, right?


It better be a joke. Two screws and two small cables, all easily removed, are the only things connecting the cRIO to the panel. Keeping the cRIO there and totally unprotected while running it through a band saw is, to put it bluntly, stupid.

I deleted a similar post draft of mine because I couldn’t find a polite way to say it. Don’t do this. This is why we have to label coffee as hot.

Lol the sawdust can’t be too good for the connections. You should’ve removed the cRio first.

have your teams done anything crazy this season like put a cRio inches away from a bandsaw??? …Sometimes these things just come up

No. Not that crazy.

Everyone keeps talking about the shavings but no one has even touched on the vibrations that a band saw would be producing and how that also would effect the CRIO.

If I ever caught our team doing this I think they would have been getting a stern talking to about the chances they took with us not being able to compete.