pic: the coach

there i am coaching my team(i am the one in the sweet glasses and headband)
thanx for the photos-robotphotos.org
p.s. i am single ladies lol

wow looks good there little brother. probably couldn’t keep me in line though :smiley: i wasn’t a very good listener to steve :wink:

Well that’s a great picture of how well the driver and HP listens to they coach, look the have the same facial expressions. I think you still need to work on Milton’s appearance.

way to go 1126 drive team.

mymy, is that a little glimpse of the 229 bot i see?

a fashion coach may be in order, let me get on the horn :smiley:

Did that leave when i left? Hey where’s those little ties, capes and other things?

yeah we kinda had to get rid of that position but hopefully we can get it back, it is needed

so cory can u help pick out the outfits for the field team in Atlanta?
i mean cause ur fashion sense is just so amazing… :wink: