pic: The Constant March of Progress

Our first jaguar failure.

It is “better” in the sense of more capabilities, all new products have their flaws and bugs to work out though.

But funny pic nonetheless.

hahahaha that funny. I agree that the jags where a little to sensitve to metal shaveings. our team got lucky with one of our jags breaking. we just opened it up and cleaned it out and it worked

Just because it’s newer, doesn’t mean it’s better.


But… it is.

Metal shavings suck. Agreed. This is why you should be careful. If you don’t believe me, I’m sure Al would love to testify for a few teams he’s seen. And it’s not just speed controllers either. Cover all electronics. They aren’t cheap, and not only do they jam up moving parts like fans, but they could very likely short out a component… leaving you with a box that can withstand a drop off a building, but can’t figure out 2+2.

THIS year they are not better. Next year, when you can actually use them to their full potential, then they will be better. But for now, Victors are smaller, more experienced with them, they win this round, but not the next one…

Its no different from a new car model- it’s going to have problems. (Though I hope that nobody’s new car mysteriously stops working in one direction)

I agree, if we can use them to their full potential in the next year I may consider switching over (assuming we still get an option) depending on the requirements for that motor. Clearly if I just need to drive a motor (that cant be put on a relay) full on or off then the added weight of a Jag might not be worth it. I can definitely see some application for them in the future.

And the above post made me think of ,“I’ll get you next time Gadget! Next Time!!!”