pic: The coolest team picture ever!

Take a closer look.
It takes alot of individuals to build a team!

I got a bigger version here (too big to post on CD).

Great photo Ed! I’ve made a few of these before, and they only get better when you have a large image pool to pull from. May I suggest waiting until after build, and then assembling another version of the same image with all your build pictures. I’ll see if I can get our website group to make something similar. I love these mosaics so much that I’m thinking of putting one up in my living room.


You mean take a picture of a robot and build a picture of it with a mosaic of it’s build?
That would be really cool!

Oh, yeah. That too! :slight_smile:


Nice job, reminds me of something I did for mothers day last year:
http://marsbot.org/files/mars_mosaic_thumb.JPG](http://marsbot.org/files/orange_black-real_surf_2006(no_abbr)_grad Mosaic.JPG)
(Warning, ~8 MB photo)

Gave the first one to my mom, she liked it so much that I made another. Got everybody to sign it, was a pretty big hit. Still hangs in our workshop. Got requests to frame and sell them, but never did… definitely should have though, can be a great in-team fund raiser (frame for such a large photo, especially when printed at a weird size, costs bucks).

EDIT: Whoops, didn’t realize I already posted this; at least my story matches up… http://www.chiefdelphi.com/forums/showpost.php?p=508786&postcount=14

Oh that’s sweet.
I wonder how large that would print out?

Thanks, and while it could probably be printed bigger (or the mosaic could just be generated at a larger size), we printed it on Epson Super-B paper which is 13"x 19". Looked pretty sweet, but hence the odd frame.

Forget framing it.
Make it your banner and hang it at competition.
Teams will bow in awe of you.

All those colors on a banner! There does your budget. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would look awsome though!