pic: The cost of winning...

I made a deal with the team this year - bring home a medal and I’ll shave my head and beard. So what do they do? They go and win the Midwest Regional. I’ve never been more happy to cut my hair.

Kevin- You look amazing :stuck_out_tongue: Thank’s for keeping the deal it looks like I have to bleach the tips of my hair now huh >_< :yikes:

My short-lived goatee last year agrees with you. Sad to let it go but thrilled for the reason :slight_smile:

George Wallace did the same thing for Bacon…its well worth it, And…ya look great

why is one of the images mirrored?

Possible that he took one himself in a mirror?

Awe Kevin! Our band will look far less metal now. haha. You don’t look bad though! It’s actually a pretty good look for you. You may need to win more regionals and lay on the charm!


That’s horrible that they made you grow you hair out like that!

hmmmm… I think we need to feature this next week at the WI regional on the jumbo-tron :stuck_out_tongue:

Photos of him do not show up in mirrors…

Congrats 1675 our next-door neighbor on the Midwest regional win.

As for shaved heads…I still see some hair on the sides - is that legal??


I bet mom and dad are happy. However, I won’t recognize you next week.

I hope you dontated it!

Congrats on the win, it was a tough regional.

You can take pictures like that on the LG Dare. Anyways, that is a really good look for you

Yes, one of the pictures was taken in a mirror, and yes, the hair was indeed donated =) That is my second time donating (or is that third?). Al, even I still have trouble recognizing myself!

Thanks for all the kind words everyone :]



In 2007, 71’s drive team almost lost a bet in that we would’ve had to go bald…
I was a wee bit scared.


HA! One of our electrical mentors has a 2 ft long pony tail, and he said the team could cut it off if we won a district. (Shaved for a regional or championship.)

He was a little nervous when we seeded 2nd. But he was saved.