pic: The Devil Dawgs lifting previous years robots...


The Devil Dawgs showing some muscle. Yes it’s a wiring nightmare right now, it’s being cleaned up as we speak.

What the blue thing under the ramp/lifter?

Thats the Double secret limited edition part… (a.k.a) raquet ball

How do the robots get on to the platforms? Do they start out as ramps?

Yes they start out as ramps

And how are they lifted?

:-), I knew that question was comming. They are lifted mechanically.

OOO , how mechanically??? the tiny tiny banebot motor of course…

Each side appears to be somewhat different from the other – are they individual ramps or does one act only as a platform?

What purpose do the bungie cords serve?

One side is a platform, the other a ramp. The ramp also lifts to 13".

The bungee cord was there to hold the ramps before…it won’t actually be on the bot.

Very cool looking robot… your design is similar to ours… although we can’t quite figure out how to get the darn ramps up… we tried a linkage and a cam but are still stumped…but will continue working…

Your workshop looks GREAT too!!! We can’t imagine how nice it must be to have all of the machinery…we are working with handtools here and a drill press…but still having a great time…

Best of luck to you guys!!!

Have a great season!!!

wow, impressive! Are you guys planning on going after any ringers?


Yes, we will be able to place ringers on all 3 levels, and lift two robots 12".

We posted a teaser pic earlier with how our ramp lifts…try searching 549 :wink: it’s late in the season, but who know’s…

thanks about the shop…it’s our school’s machine shop. It’s really really nice…but usually messy during build season.