pic: The Dining Room Laboratory

Kevin is trying to figure out the cmucam. The kitchen table was too small, so he moved to the dining room.

Awesome! I have done this before :stuck_out_tongue: I tend to take up all my desk space and it gets really messy :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, nice old school gamers joystick control system on that chair.

The neat joystick is part of the OI from the 2006 team 1726 frc robot…the robot is in the living room.

Anyways, he got the camera working pretty well, it follows the light around and seems quite content. A fun day of tinkering!

Dude! You got to take your robot home to tinker with!?

Yep! While my brother is working with the camara, my other brother is supposed to be practicing cad by duplicating our real robot. It’s quite a distraction to have the robot in our living room, I keep thinking about how it could be improved! (mmm… suspension…)

so my question is, did you get the cmu to work with the vex controller?

that’s just there to confuse you! The Vex controller was used to get power to run the camera in demo mode, and he just kept using it for power instead of making a new power cable to get power to the camera from the IFI controller.

No, the camera is not working with the Vex controller.

notice the second laptop is required to consult CD for instructions for making this stuff all work together…we eventually figured out what needed to be done, but it took until midnight. I think he started about 3 pm.

yep, it’s quite the frustrating joyride trying to figure that thing out! Luckily, everything seemed to work once our programming mentor found the TTL - RS-232 converter chip.

There is still one problem though, concerning Labview. Whenever I try to run the main program, it tells me “Error 7: OpenFile+.vi:OpenFile” or something along those lines. It says something about it not being able to open a file :confused: