pic: The Dome from the Catwalks

Fun fact: when scoring, blue robots pointed clockwise and red robots pointed counter-clockwise around the dome.

If we did champs in the southern hemisphere, would this reverse? :ahh:

How did you guys gain access to the catwalks?

The Dome staff lets people with non-team media passes up there. My dad’s been able to go up a few times.

Additionally, there is a set time that we are allowed to go up. This year it was on Friday around 1pm until about 2:30pm.

I wouldn’t go up there for a billion dollars!

I’m staying on the ground with Ed.

Don’t be so hasty, a billion dollars will go a long way to pay your travel and hotel bill next year. Remember, you have two sets of champs to go to. :rolleyes:

You know you’ve been in FIRST to long when you can tell approximately when this photo was taken by what is happening on the fields and in the stands and what is in the center of the black curtain.


I think I see Ed in this picture…

Yup I’m there sitting next to another volunteer. Probably one of my queuers.