pic: The double lift

team 316 lifting 2 robots 12 inches!

That’s 12 inches and then some, huh?

will that work if only 1 robot gets on?

this was a great robot to be lifted by. i loved being ur partners guys thanx for the pick…even tho i knew we were gonna get picked by u :cool:

Yes, I was gonna post the picture of them lifting us. Good job 316 and AMAZING LIFT!!!

one of the powerhouses of FLR right here folks

yeah a little over 12 inches. and yes we can lift a single robot or two robots.
1126 Any chance you’ll be at Nationals??? fun workin’ with you.

yes we will be at Championships as well as Buckeye! and yes it was great working with u guys!

It will be great to see your bot and team again at nationals. Can’t wait.

Awesome bot right there…^^

I loved that design…and it was greta working with you guys and sparks…we where a great alliance…

[quote=jade_team_73;596181…we where a great alliance…[/QUOTE]

I agree nice workin’ with you guys too. Good luck in future competitions. :D[/quote]

Really Really cool… if one bot falls off while lifting does it have any effect?

no but we have never dropped anyone.

Thats ours how does yours work

Once 316 ramped, the refs never took our the measuring device. They always knew it was more than 12 inches. In fact you could see it was more from across the field. :]

Nice looks really stable. Very good design :smiley:

316 was an amzing team to work with at FLR. Thanks guys for the pick. Hopefully we will be able to work with eachother sometime again.

It seems like the most variety between robots is their lifting methods/mechanisms. This seems like one of the most successful I’ve seen, and was actually somewhat like a design we considered

Very Nice How Much???