pic: The drive to BAE on Thursday.

Yikes! It wasn’t too bad driving across southern Arizona. But there were a few splotches of snow on the ground above 4000 ft, on the way to southern California.


Ahhhhh A typical New England Spring :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow. I definitely wish I was back home in Manchester right now. :slight_smile:
(And I’m sure my friends here in California think I’m crazy wishing for snow like that…)

We have a very similar picture but a lot more cars consider 93 north was a parking lot on Thursday in a few areas!

the drive to florianopolis , Brazil!:slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Why aren’t you with a team? There are tons of teams around you, and you can start one if you want!

This is a fine example of how the Forbes family has single handily made me want to move to the southwest. Be it the cars, the heat , the unicycles/fixeds gears, the robots, the weather , the landscape or that awesome bulldozer they have (my desktop pic for a year)
So any openings for a tech teacher?

That looks strikingly similar to my drive home this weekend. You sure you’re not in northern MI? :wink:

Because I’m sure he’s like me, and has found that college is a lot of work :stuck_out_tongue:

o_0 That’s why we decided on Tuesday night to leave Wednesday evening!

No fair showing clear weather driving down the road in a vintage Chevy. Ok, no fair driving anywhere in a vintage Chevy!

heh…my 55 chevy playlist. I drove it around the southwest a lot last year!