pic: the drive

I assume that you have the same setup on the other side?

If so, that thing ought to MOVE!!
2 CIMS per side, 12.75:1 tranny, 4.5" dia output sprocket, ~2" dia. drive sprocket.
I see a future in NASCAR.:yikes:

Can you control that thing???

Team 1683 has something almost like that.

It isn’t that hard to control, but we haven’t played with other robots yet.

Or walls.

So yeah, it is kind of hard to steer.

Also that looks like 4 wheel drive. If so with that gearing you’re gonna have an interesting time turning unless you have some omni wheels. The scrub steer effect is gonna be pretty nasty.

i hope that thing has enough traction or else you wont be able to stop in time if you are going to fast.

Wow. That’s all that I can say. Hey, have you guys thought about the possibility of running out of batteries? (If you have 8 CIMS going at the same time, that is.) POWER FOR THE WIN!!!
Dual Motors should be very effective on the driving aspect of the competition(s), that is if you CAN control them.

Im confused, dual cims is not anything out of the ordinary and you definitely cannot use 8 cims which they don’t appear to be doing anyway.

When I saw the motors I figured that the robot might possibly be equipped with the same amount on the other sides. That is where I got the “8” figure. I guess that much power would be pointless in this year’s competition, seeing that the competition will be a little bit more restricted than last year’s. (i.e. you can’t purposefully or accidentally hit “hurtling” bots, the other robots have to avoid them during that process. this causes that portion of the field to be occupied. The dual motor concept is an excellent way to get your bot around, but the whole speed issue is cut short when maneuverability comes into play.(‘dodging’ other robots) I think that team will perform excellent if they have the right driver. (As will any decent team…)

Well, GOOD LUCK TEAM 2013, and GOOD LUCK Team 1771!