pic: The Electrical Play-Pen

This is Phil, our head electrical student working on the Jeep Bot electrical system sometime before Ruckus. We enclosed him in some polycarb, and declared that the Electrical Play-Pen area.

That is a nice use of the ruckus vex field before the event. I am surprised you guys didn’t want it back, as it seems like it would be an important asset to your team.:smiley:

/me ogles the vex kits.

Nice workspace. Our team should get some of that to keep our electonics guy, Jay, enclosed and safe.

Haha thats awsome man! lol

that’s sweeeeet

I totally need one for me/our team…

Imagine the danger when you’re the programmer AND the main electronics person… If anything goes wrong, I get CIMs thrown at me! :ahh:

add a lexan roof, ground it, and mark it anti-(programmer + electronics) person proof; and then you’ve got your self something productive AND safe. :cool:

maybe we should get one for u and Tim, J-Tice!

Or the rest of the team safe from the electronics guy…:ahh: